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Many optimists believe that technology can transform society, whether it’s the internet or the latest phone. But as Tom Chatfield argues, the truth about our relationship with technology is far more interesting.

Source: BBC

Date: November 13th, 2014

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1) The author suggests that “technology is not to be dismissed or deplored, precisely because it remains as mired in history, politics and human frailty as everything else we touch.” Thinking about the smartphone in your pocket, or the iPod in your backpack, what is the author getting at here?

2) “Surely it’s only a matter of time – the theory goes – before we finally escape, augment or otherwise overcome our natures and emerge into some new phase of the human story.” This is called The Singularity, as is predicted to occur around 2045. The author suggest that this is probably not likely. Do you agree, or disagree, and why?

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