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Earlier this year, Dan Check, the vice president of technology at Slate, was looking for ways to increase traffic to the online magazine’s podcasts. After a bit of brainstorming, he decided to try paying the toll. Slate told some would-be listeners that the podcast wouldn’t count against the data plans on their smartphones. It turned out that group was 61% more likely to press play. “I was surprised at what a difference it made,” said Mr. Check, who began the experiment two weeks ago with the help of a company called DataMi. “It turns out people have a really, really high sensitivity to using data.”

Source: Wall Street Journal

Date: October 26th, 2014



1) “The telecom industry is counting on rising data use to keep its sales growing, but consumers are keeping a close eye on their usage for fear of triggering even higher bills.” How much would it impact your behavior online if certain companies were to offer free data?

2) “Kickbit, a service launched last year, allows smartphone users on prepaid plans to earn chunks of free data when checking out or signing up for new services. One recent offer, for instance, gave users 200 megabytes that could be used any time if they signed up for a seven-day trial with Hulu.” Why are interested, or not, in this sort of offer? Do you mind being “bought” by advertisers?

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