Surveillance: The hidden ways you’re tracked

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“Every cell phone tower you pass, friend you keep, article you write, site you visit, subject line you type, and packet you route, is in the hands of a system whose reach is unlimited but whose safeguards are not.” Your day-to-day behaviour is monitored in ways you wouldn’t even realise, so these details and many… Read more »

Will “Free Data” Become the Next “Free Shipping”?

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Earlier this year, Dan Check, the vice president of technology at Slate, was looking for ways to increase traffic to the online magazine’s podcasts. After a bit of brainstorming, he decided to try paying the toll. Slate told some would-be listeners that the podcast wouldn’t count against the data plans on their smartphones. It turned… Read more »


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This is a quadcopter with stabilization gimble attached to a wireless ground monitor for the on-board HD video camera. Total cost (as of October 24, 2014) is $1,500. Quadcopter – Wireless video monitor – HD Video – Source: University of Montana School of Business Administration Date: OCtober 24th, 2014 Link: Discussion 1)… Read more »

The science of political data-mining

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The act of getting voters to the polls is much more than a shopworn cliche. There’s an entire industry in American politics built around finding and mobilizing voters, largely constructed by Democrats who have been innovating in the field for more than a decade. The science of political data-mining — sifting through data, analyzing behavior,… Read more »

How Apple Pay works

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Apple Pay uses a tiny internal antenna along with touch ID to charge your credit card. But how safe is it? Source CNN Money Date: October 21st, 2014 Link: Discussion 1) Google Pay has been around since 2007 according to the video, so why does Apply stand a better chance at success? 2) You have… Read more »

HBO to sell subscriptions via the Internet.

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Description: While continuing to seek subscribers from cable and satellite, HBO will start to sell its service separately via the Internet next year. “It is time to remove all barriers to those who want HBO,” the network’s chief executive Richard Plepler said Wednesday. “So, in 2015, we will launch a stand-alone, over-the-top HBO service in… Read more »

Wearable technology: meet the world’s most connected human

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‘Early adopters’ at London’s largest conference for wearable technology. From smart watches to virtual reality headsets via the world’s most connected human. Source: The Guardian Date: October 11th, 2014 Link: Discussion 1) “Everyone realizes this is about design”.   Do you agree that the most important part of wearables is how they look? 2) There should… Read more »

The ‘Harry Potter’ password replacement

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A Taiwanese start-up has developed a novel replacement for text passwords. It lets users create their own unique “air signature” by waving their gadgets around in a particular way, like a magician with a virtual wand. The technology, developed by AirSig, uses the gyroscopes found in smartphones, smartwatches and other wearable tech to perform various… Read more »