Google: driverless cars now have better understanding of city driving

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Discussion: Everyone has heard the hype about the Google driverless cars. However, is it actually possible? Will Google thinks so and has just announced these latest software updates: “More comprehensive and detailed maps to include curbs and different types of traffic signals.” “Improvements in detecting objects around the vehicle – classifying pedestrians and cyclists separately… Read more »

Health data boom heralds new era of personalised medicine

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Discussion: “We are moving from a world where we treat illnesses to one where we predict and prevent them, advised by mobile doctors in our pockets.” We are moving to a new healthcare system that is aiming to prevent health problems rather then fixing them after they have occurred. The healthcare system is seeking to… Read more »

5 biometric alternatives to the password

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Discussion: Passwords are becoming more common and difficult to remember. Meaning that it is becoming easier and easier for a person to hack into your secured login. Biometrics would eliminate these problems and are the solution of the future. However, “Biometrics are still a long way from replacing the password — they have kinks that… Read more »

Google introduces ‘Android Wear’ software for smartwatches

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Discussion: Google has now entered the market of wearable technology with its new smartwatch, which contains the Android Wear software. Google’s new watch just won’t alert you of notifications, respond to voice commands, and give you directions, but it will be a Google Now (Google’s contextual information service). Source: CNN Money Date: March 18th, 2014… Read more »