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This week the news is full of everything having to do with the Sochi Winter Olympics. America wants to know: How many medals have the USA won?, What is life like in Sochi?, Do you really not have any door nobs in your hotel room?, And, are they really watching you take a shower? The media is doing their best to respond to the public demand.

However, have you heard about the emerging technologies that are being used at this world event. For example, what technology are they using to film people while they are taking showers? Or, what is the newest and lightweight athletic gear that are helping the athletes perform to the best of their ability? Freestyle skiers from the United States, Canada and Russia are wearing new jackets that have the lightest-weight waterproof zipper in the world, according to Columbia. Who is in the process of patenting the zipper. It is the lightest-weigh zipper because there is no zipper tape, the zipper is bonded directly to laser-cut fabric.

Source: Washington Post

Date: February 10th, 2014


Questions for discussion:

  •  What other technologies would you expect to emerge in the Summer 2016 Olympics?
  • Would the Olympics be a prime time for an emerging technology company to advertise their product?

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