10 of the Biggest Trends in Technology For 2014

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Discussion:  “The nexus of forces, the convergence of four powerful forces: social, mobile, cloud and information, continues to drive change and create new opportunities, creating demand for advanced programmable infrastructure that can execute at Web-scale.” -Neeraj Tewari The technology industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace. It is even becoming hard for the techies… Read more »

4 Things Microsoft Still Does Well

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Discussion: 4 Things Microsoft Still Does Well: 1. Mobile OS Design 2. Office Suite Software 3.Gaming Consoles 4. Internet Explorer Okay: that’s a joke. 4. Secrecy Source: TIME Date: February 6th, 2014 Link: http://time.com/5078/4-things-microsoft-still-does-well/ Questions for discussion: What is another area that you think Microsoft does well at?

30-Second Tech Trick: How to Unsend Email with Gmail

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Discussion: Have you ever accidentally hit the send button on an email and wondered if their was a way to undo it? Well now you do have a short window of opportunity to undo the sending of that email. Just follow these simple steps to enable you to undo the sending of your email: 1…. Read more »