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Discussion: Pogue takes a look at the new Samsung Galaxy Watch, giving us the pros and cons of this technology. The watch can only be used with the newer versions of the Samsung phone or tablet, which allows you to control the settings of the watch. The watch displays notifications, texts, and you can also have assess to some of your apps, such as, Evernote. The watch also allows you to find your lost phone, if it is within a 25 foot radius, and you can also use it to make phone calls. However, the design is very inconsistent and remembering how to access all of the functions can be very frustrating.

Source: New York Times Technology

Date: October 2, 2013


Questions for discussion:

  • Do you want the Samsung Watch?
  • What do you think is the coolest function of the watch?
  • Do you think that Apple will try to invent a watch for the iPhone?

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