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Discussion: Think about the possibility of being able to access your email in a heartbeat. A start up company has created a wristband that recognizes your electrode cardiogram, or in other words the unique elements of each persons pulse. The user just places their finger on the senor, in order for the wristband to read the users unique pulse and send the verification signal via Bluetooth technology. It’s as effective as fingerprint technology, but harder to fool. Eventually, it could replace ID cards or house keys.

Source: BBC News, RIA

Date: September 6, 2013


Questions for discussion:

  • How much money would you pay for the convenience of this device?
  • Would the added security be worth the cost for a company to use wristband technology, instead of key cards?
  • Do you think that more companies are going to start implementing Bluetooth technology into their devices? Why or why not?

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