App Smart: Managing Your Passwords

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Discussion: App Smart analyzes apps that help us keep track of sites and passwords that we use. Source: The New York Times Technology Date: October 16, 2013 Link: Questions for discussion: Would you use this app? Why or why not? Do you think the app would be more popular if it wasn’t very time consuming? If so, how would… Read more »

The Solar Robots

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Discussion: A diesel powered, solar panel robots can now be used to install and clean solar panels. The cost of solar panels has become to expensive for most businesses. This is due to the rise in installation costs, even though the price of the actual solar panels has dropped. However, by automating the installation you can… Read more »

How your heartbeat could replace passwords?

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Discussion: Think about the possibility of being able to access your email in a heartbeat. A start up company has created a wristband that recognizes your electrode cardiogram, or in other words the unique elements of each persons pulse. The user just places their finger on the senor, in order for the wristband to read the… Read more »