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Discussion: The biggest security threat to banks is no longer armed robberies. Instead, the biggest threat to banks is now cyber attacks. They have called this specific attack “the largest known threat of its kind”. Finding the source of these attacks is more difficult then a regular bank robbery, because most of the time the ring leader of the attack is not residing within our country. Therefore, the law enforcement are forced to play the cat-and-mouse game to attempt the catching of the ring leaders who initiated the attacks.

Source: The Young Turks

Date: May 10, 2013


Questions for discussion:

  • In the future, will their be more of a demand for advanced programmers in law enforcement? Why, or why not? 
  • Can you think of other areas where we need programmers to help protect the security of assets?  
  • If you were in charge of protecting the companies assets. How much money do you think you would be worth to that company? 

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