Vest allows dog to “talk” to owner

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Discussion: The Georgia Tech team has developed a vest that could potentially give trained dogs the ability to alert their owner when they are in danger. The vest contains different flaps that allow the dog to either bite, touch, or pull, in order to signal that the owner is in danger. “This is a FIDO project… Read more »

How hackers stole $45 million from banks

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Discussion: The biggest security threat to banks is no longer armed robberies. Instead, the biggest threat to banks is now cyber attacks. They have called this specific attack “the largest known threat of its kind”. Finding the source of these attacks is more difficult then a regular bank robbery, because most of the time the ring… Read more »

Simon Sinek – “First why and then trust”

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Discussion: Simon talks about how the single biggest challenge a organization or culture will face is success, this is because a split will normally follow success. An indicator of a split is when stress goes up and passion goes down. Simon points out, that we have seen this split in major corporations such as Apple, Starbucks,… Read more »

Netflix Studies Piracy Sites to Decide What to Buy

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Discussion: Over the last decade Netflix’s has grown to one of the largest company’s in entertainment. Part of this growth is due to one of their unique business strategies, which is seeing what TV shows are most pirated. For example, they did this with the TV show Prison Break. Their research showed that Prison break was… Read more »

Anti-theft Sim Cards for Motorbikes

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Discussion: Vietnam is one of the fastest growing technology sectors in the world. Yet, their transportation of choice is an outdated motorbike. Company’s are targeting this market, by creating a tech-savvy motorbike that have an innovative design and a built in iPod dock. Another company is creating a device that can be installed into a motorbike… Read more »