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Discussion:  Google works by crawling the Web looking for websites; Shodan navigates the Internet’s back channels looking for things like servers, web cams, printers, and routers that are connected to make up the Internet.  Simple searches on Shodan allow visibility to traffic lights and security cameras–devices that do not have any kind of security built into them.  An independent security tester found a car wash that could be turned on an off, a hockey rink that could be defrosted with the click of a button, and a control system for a hydroelectric plant in France all by doing searches on Shodan.  Luckily, for the most part, Shodan has not been exploited for dark purposes, but the potential is there. 

Source:  CNN Money

Date:  April 8, 2013


Discussion Questions:

  • As objects and things become more and more connected, how can we prevent outsiders from accessing our gadgets?
  • Should these objects be on the Internet in the first place?

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