Icahn, Blackstone make buyout bids for Dell

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Discussion:  Two investor groups have put together bids to purchase Dell.  These offers may outbid founder Michael Dell’s current bid to take the company private.  Investor stock rose about 3% following this possible buyout announcement, which would let current Dell shareholders to continue holding their stakes in the company.  It was reported that Blackstone would prefer to have Michael Dell… Read more »

Your next phone screen could be made of sapphire

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Discussion:  New screens for smartphones and tablets could be made from manufactured sapphire.  Sapphire is the second hardest material on the plant (second only to diamond), and would make the screens on tablets and smartphones about three times stronger than they are now.  The cost to manufacture a sapphire screen is about $30 a piece, compared with glass that only… Read more »

Hands-off with the Samsung Galaxy S IV

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Discussion:  The new Samsung Galazxy S IV’s technology is new and exciting in the smartphone world.  The no-touch features, such as Air Gesture, allow users to toggle form screen to screen, or up and down, without having to actually touch the screen.  The phone will read your eyes, gestures and movements in order to perform basic functions. … Read more »

How Small Businesses Can Transition To Cloud Computing

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Discussion :  Using cloud technology is almost a must for small and medium-sized businesses in today’s economy.  The cloud can prove more cost-effective and efficient than using in-house staff to do accounting tasks, data management, running software, etc.  Many businesses already use the cloud in some fashion, like email and online banking, while others utilize a… Read more »

Veronica Mars Kickstarter pledges top $1M in record time

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Discussion:  By using Kisckstarter, a crowd funding site, the amazingly wonderful cult hit TV show, Veronica Mars, may be resurrected for a feature film.  Warner Brothers originally told series creator, Rob Thomas, and actress Kristin Bell, that there was not enough interest in the series to warrant a major motion picture.  The project hit the one million dollar mark after… Read more »

Exoskeleton allows paraplegics to walk

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Discussion:  A new robot that you can wear is allowing paraplegics to walk.  The Ekso, developed by Ekso Bionics, which first started as a project for the military that allowed soldiers to lift heavy loads and walk further distances, is now enabling people with disabilities to stand upright while also enhancing their strength.  The Ekso is made up of… Read more »

A 3-D pen that lets you draw objects in the air

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Discussion:  WobbleWorks, a startup company out of Boston, has created a pen that you wave in the air in order to create three-dimensional pictures.  They are calling it the 3Doodler, the world’s first 3-D printing pen.  The reaction to the pen on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding site, has been phenomenal–they raised $1.1 million within 48 hours.  The pen works… Read more »

Hearts of glass: Where medical science meets art

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Discussion:  Farlow’s Scientific Glass Blowing is an operation that builds models of human anatomy to scale for use in the medical field by using glass blowing techniquies.  These models are designed with the use of CT scans, medical illustrations, and even casts taken from cadavers.  The hearts can be built to spec, or can be designed… Read more »