4 ways 4G will change your life

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Discussion:  It may seem as if we are constantly inundated with upgrades and fancier apps and gadgets–so much so that it is hard to tell which new features will actually improve the functionality of our mobile devices, and which are just not worth the effort.  Moving from 3G speed to 4G is an improvement that will change the… Read more »

Want to complain about text spam? There’s an app for that

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Discussion:  As receiving spam text messages on personal cell phones has become a real problem, and reporting that spam an even bigger problem, the Android app PrivacyStar has come up with a free solution.  PrivacyStar, in addition to its existing features only accessible to its subscribers, just added a free-to-use feature which will help users… Read more »

Your (additional) Rules of the Internet

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Discussion:  After CNN posted its article, “Meet the Rules of the Internet”, the comments were many in number and mixed in thought.  The original story explained the origin of the Internet’s “rules”, originally just a set of guidelines/inside jokes spawned by a variety of sources.  Some of the responders campeigned for other rules to be… Read more »

Print your own life-size robot for under $1,000

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Discussion:  Gael Langevin, a French sculptor, has designed a robot whose parts can all be printed on a common 3D printer and assembled in one’s home.  InMoov, Langevin’s animatronic creation, can be made by anyone with access to little more than a basic 3D printer, a few monitors, a cheap circuit board and about $800.  The project… Read more »

The social network where no one knows your name

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Discussion:  Social Number, a new social networking site that assigns users a number rather than using a name, handle, or thumbnail photo, strives to create an atmosphere of anonymity for its users.  The site encourages users to discuss things such as a bad job, hot button issues, or substance abuse problems without the threat of linking them to… Read more »

Architect to build home using 3-D printer

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Discussion:  A Dutch architect is building a home made from 3-D printed blocks–the first of its kind.  Instead of printing small items and trinkets as we are used to seeing, the D-Shape, a mega-scale free form 3-D printer, will print 20 by 30 foot marblelike blocks that will make up the structure.  The “Landscape House”  is designed in… Read more »