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Web tycoon Kim Dotcom at his launch event Sunday for Mega, his new file-sharing site, in Auckland, New Zealand.

Discussion:  Kim Dotcom, the world’s most controversial Internet tycoon, recently released his new file sharing program, Mega.  Mega offers all-encrypted storage for files that can’t be opened by anyone–even the host.  Dotcom’s previous file sharing business, Megaupload, had around 50 million unique users in its prime, none of whom have regained access to their files since the site was taken offline exactly one year ago.  Dotcom hopes that enough users will see the benefit of Mega, and sign up to use the service, threby increasing public trust in his new company.  Source:  CNN News

Date:  January 21, 2013


Discussion Questions:

  • Why is Mega’s recent release so controversial?
  • Why are US prosecutors thinking about filing fresh charges against Dotcom now that Mega is online?

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