The scattered, futuristic world of home automation

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Discussion:  As our lives become more and more animated with all of our devices soon be connected online, the aspirational dream of an automated home is becoming a reality with major vendors peddling real, usable products, almost all controllable from a smartphone.  Objects such as cat feeders, blinds, door locks and sensors on your grandma’s tea pot that alert you when… Read more »

Kim Dotcom on his new file-sharing site, Mega

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Discussion:  Kim Dotcom, the world’s most controversial Internet tycoon, recently released his new file sharing program, Mega.  Mega offers all-encrypted storage for files that can’t be opened by anyone–even the host.  Dotcom’s previous file sharing business, Megaupload, had around 50 million unique users in its prime, none of whom have regained access to their files since… Read more »

Amazon giving you free MP3s for CDs you bought

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Discussion:  Amazon recently launched AutoRip, which gives Amazon customers who have purchased CDs on Amazon anytime since 1998 access the the free MP3 versions of that music for free.  The service is now live, and can be accessed from any Cloud Player or other web-based music player.  Another feature of AutoRip is that customers who purchase a… Read more »

Doctor’s office in a box

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Discussion:  HealthSpot’s new Care4 Stations are designed to be a doctor’s office in a 8 X 5 foot box.  The box comes equipped with a blood pressure machine, the ability to take a patient’s temperature, and access to a health care professional via skype.  The goal of the Care4 Stations are to be alternatives options to emergency room care after office hours for children. … Read more »

CES keynote: Young people today are ‘born mobile’

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Discussion:  Chip-maker Qualcomm’s CEO, Paul Jacobs, kicked off 2013’s Consumer Electronics Show with a speech that highlighted the expansion of mobile toechnology beyond smartphones and tablets.  Jacobs noted that 84% of people worldwide say they can’t go a day without their mobile device, and check them about 150 times a day.  The tech industry assumes… Read more »

High-tech shack brings solar power to slums

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Discussion:  This iShack, or improved shack, is equipped with a solar panel that can power lights and a mobile phone charger, and may soon change the windswept slums that house 62% of the urban population in Sub-Saharan Africa.  This dwelling is intended to raise the living standards of slum residents while improving their access to electricity… Read more »