Snapchat’s ‘disappearing’ videos don’t actually vanish

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Discussion:  Snapchat is a messaging app whose trail of messages disappears after the user views the item.  When a user sends an image, they can choose how long the receiver has to view it, picking a time frame of up to 10 seconds after opening.  Then it vanishes.  A newly discovered security flaw in the app is… Read more »

3-D printer MakerBot cracks down on blueprints for gun parts

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Discussion:  A MakerBot is a 3-D printer that “prints” or creates physical objects.  These 3-D printers use design files as blueprints, then fabricate items from layers of plastic material like powder or liquid.  The printers can be used to create just about anything the user can design, including figurines, iPhone docks, coffee cup holders, and gun parts. … Read more »

Queen’s Christmas message hails Olympic stars

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Discussion:  For the first time ever, the Queen of England broadcast her annual Christmas message to the people in 3D.  It has been reported that the Queen needed no convincing to do the address in 3D; she was ready and willing to make the change.  After the shoot, she made the comment that the broadcast was “absolutely lovely”.  The… Read more »

Netiquette: Saying farewell

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Discussion:  Because of our recently well-connected world, there are many new ways to keep in touch with your family and friends.  Posting updates about current life events, thoughts, and plans are often uploaded to the internet for the world to learn what is going on in your life.  This article outlaines certain guidelines one should follow, netiquette that is,… Read more »

Android-Controlled Toilet Makes Your Non-Android Toilet Seem like a Throne of Spikes, Sandpaper and Lameness

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Discussion:  The Japanese have invented a smart toilet.  By logging in to the app that accompanies the toilet, you can view water usage statistics, it can compute toilet water usage as a percent of your total bill, and it tracks how often and for what purpose the toilet was used.  The Satis can also sense… Read more »

Explainer: What is the ‘Internet of Things?’

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Discussion:  At this year’s LeWeb conference, the main topic has been ‘the Internet of Things’.  The Internet of Things is the idea that any physical object can connect to the Internet and communicate with other objects to relay information to people.  This works by using  RFID, smartphones, and sensors to send information to the Internet.  In the future,… Read more »

Solving ‘the Google problem’ key to ensuring the Internet’s success

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Discussion:  There are concerns that Google may have a monopoly over the Internet.  The Federal Trade Commission and European Commission have met and are investigating whether or not Google is violating anti-trust laws by using their monopoly as the dominant search engine to point users toward their own products.  Google is accused of fixing searches so that the results… Read more »

The flashing fashion aid that will transform you into a tech whizz

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Discussion:  The kit to build these shutter sunglasses, made popular by the likes of Kanye West, will teach a person basic programming skills.  Daniel Hirschmann, founder of Technology Will Save Us, says that being able to do basic computer programming will  become as important as being literate in the near future. Source:  CNN News Date:  December 3, 2012 Link: … Read more »

Your Digital Legacy: States Grapple with Protecting Our Data After We Die

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Discussion:  What happens to your emails and Facebook page after you die?  Some states have passed legislation to allow executors access to a deceased person’s email and other digital assets, while Google has hired lobbyists to oppose it.   As it stands now, the ambiguity that awaits after a person passes away has often pinned greiving… Read more »