Cameras for adrenaline junkies go mainstream

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Discussion:  GoPro has put out a new wearable 4Kp camera that is 30% smaller and 25% lighter, and comes with a waterproof housing.  Extreme sports users, as well as mainstream buyers, make up GoPro’s large fan base.  The camera was sent down to the 33 traped Chilean miners to document their escape, and one was… Read more »

Backyard Brains: On neuroscience and cockroach legs

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Discussion:  Backyard Brains uses simple tools to help tech kids how the human brain works, and how to make a cockroach leg move to the beat of their iPod.  The use of simple tools like this are being produced to help bring awareness  to science and neurology and the fact that 20% of the population… Read more »

SoftBank buying 70% stake in Sprint

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Discussion:  Sprint Nextel has agreed to sell a majority of the company to Japenese tech giant, SoftBank.  The deal may allow Sprint to compete more successfully with competitors like AT&T and Verizon, and avoid bankruptcy.  Sprint is undergoing an expensive, and late, transition to 4G-LTE, and has been losing contracted customers since it announced that… Read more »

The tech behind the Stratos jump

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Discussion:  Felix Baumgartner, an Australian daredevil, lept from a record-breaking 128,100 feet above earth on Sunday.  Technology, including a pressurized suit and capsule, allowed him to successfully be propelled into space and then plummet safely back to earth.  The pressurized suit, besides possibly preventing Baumgartner’s flesh from expanding and turning into gas above 62,000 feet, allowed for increased visibility, mobility, and… Read more »

Rock on! The compact disc turns 30

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Discussion:  On October 1, 1982, Billy Joel’s “52nd Street” was released commercially onto CD.  When the first CD player was released that same day, it was described as a “new digital record player, using laser beams.”  Before the end of the decade, CDs would overtake the cassette tape in popularity.  Today, compact discs remain popular, but are… Read more »

Apparently This Matters: Bacon shortage

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Discussion:  There may be a shortage of bacon next year.  Whoa.  Due to drought conditions in Europe, soybean and corn corps were ruined.  This means less food for humans–and pigs.  There might not be enough food to feed the pigs, making keeping them a financial burden.  This means there my be a shortage of bacon… Read more »