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Turn your Facebook data into a detail report about your life with new Wolfram Alpha tool.

Discussion:  Facebook’s new Wolfram Alpha tool compiles all the little bits of information about you on Facebook–a picture here, a comment there–and creates a report that shows the essence  of you.  The report, complete with interactive graphs and statistics, will show your online patterns and habits.  Even the trails of information that you may not realize you have been leaving on the web, like E-mail archives, FitBits, Tweets, texts and geotagged images and check-ins, are all usable stores of information about your life that may someday be included in these reports.

Date:  September 1, 2012

Source:  CNN News


Discussion Questions:

  • Wolfram Alpha compiles information and basically shows the user a picture of themselves.  What if the user does not like what they see?  Is there a way to manipulate the data?
  • Can users analyze someone else’s data, in  order to learn more about them (which may be an invasion of privacy)?  Or are users limited to their own Facebook accounts? 
  • What does Wolfram Alpha do with all of the data that they collect from users’ Facebook accounts?

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