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The DareDroid is a biomechanic cocktail-making dress on display at the “Technosensual” exhibition in Vienna. Sensors around the wearer’s neck detect when someone approaches and allow the system to dispense a cocktail. If they move into the wearer’s personal space, the dress stops dispensing the drink.

Discussion:  Clothes on show at the “Technosenual” exhibit in Austria are designed to catch the interest of both fashionistas and tech heads.  One of the dresses at the exhibit is made of different color bubbles that reveals the wearer’s emotional state using biometric sensors that trigger different light and color displays.  A different dress dispenses cocktails, and another, called “The Paparazzi Lover” is made up of 62 LED lights that light up when they detect a photographers’ flash bulb.  The show highlights the idea of intelligent fashion, and purports that these are the clothes of the future.

Source:  CNN News

Date:  August 20, 2012


Discussion Questions:  

  • By combining technology with unexpected aspects of our lives, like clothing, designers are showing us new and exciting way to use technology.  In what other unsuspecting ways may technology be used in our daily lives?
  • Are these clothes simply created for aesthetic purposes, or could there be practical uses for the technologically inclined garments?  What can we learn from intelligent fashion?


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