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Police in the US town of Fort Lee, New Jersey, have started a battle against texters who aren't looking where they're going.

Discussion:  A town in New Jersey has recently instituted a ban on walking and texting at the same time.  In the town, there have been more than 20 accidents since the beginning of 2012 caused by pedestrians not watching where they were walking, and in just six weeks they have fined 117 texters.  Those that choose to text and walk will be fined as if they had been jaywalking.  Currently, there are apps to help people who walk and text at the same time, but the citizens of Fort Peck, New Jersey, won’t be needing them unless they plan on breaking the law.

Source:  BBC News

Date:  May 14, 2012


Discussion Questions:

  • Do you think this new law will prevent accidents from occurring?
  • Can you think of any other solutions to this problem?

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