A 3-D printer created this shoe

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Discussion:  3D printers, now available for use in your home, can print real objects just like regular printers print documents.  The CEO of 3D Systems Corp states that, “if you dream it, if you think it, you can print it.”  The printers print objects one layer at a time, fusing the layers together as it… Read more »

Cybersecurity bills aim to prevent ‘digital Pearl Harbor’

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Discussion:  Foreign spies and organized criminals have access to virtually every companies’ network, which makes the issue of cyber security a national security issue.  Analysts agree that cyber criminals or terrorists have the capabilities to shut down the country’s financial, energy or communications infrastructure.  Much of our countries’ infrastructure is privately owned, making prevention and surveillance a… Read more »

HP PCs outpace Mac’s gains

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Discussion:  HP had a higher percentage of PC growth in the first quarter of 2011 than Mac, which does not happen very often.  HP’s PC sales in the US grew by 7%.  Industry analysts noted two reasons why HP was more successful than its competitors.  HP did a better job of securing hard drives after Thailand’s… Read more »

Google fined in Street View probe

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Discussion:  The FCC fined Google $25,000 for intentionally impeding and delaying an investigation into Street View, Google’s street mapping system.  Street view cars in 30 countries logged private information, such as passwords and email addresses, from unsecured Wi-Fi networks.  The FCC has significant questions about the Street View project, and have subpoenaed the Google engineer who… Read more »

App wants you to share enemies on Facebook

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Discussion:  Instead of bonding with friends over mutual affinities, a new Facebook app, EnemyGraph, encourages users to bond over things that they dislike.  Users are encouraged to list people, places, or things that they dislike, thus encouraging conversation and bringing together mutual haters.  If a friend happens to “like” something that is on your “dislike”… Read more »

Computer monitor uses sensor to promote better posture

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The 24-inch LCD monitor uses a CMOS sensor to determine your distance from the screen and your neck angle while sitting. Discussion:  New sensors on computer monitors can tell you when and if your posture is suffering while you work.  The sensors alert the user when they are sitting too close to the monitor, if… Read more »

Movement aims to decentralize Internet

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Discussion:  Issace Wilder, founder of the Free Network Foundation, is aiming to decentralize the internet so that it cannot be controlled and monitored by corporate or governmental regulating bodies.  His non-profit foundation is trying to prevent the actual physical internet from being consolidated and controlled by a few corporate transit networks, while also trying to publicize… Read more »

Manchester Royal Infirmary surgeons first to use 3D

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The technology is to be trialled on a small number of patients. Discussion:  Surgeons at Manchester Royal Infirmary claim to be the first to use a full 3D projection during an operation.  The team wore special glasses in order to view the procedure in 3D, while surgeons also used a hand-held robotic arm.  The prostate removal… Read more »