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The $35 credit card-sized Raspberry Pi computer sold out within hours of its debut Wednesday.

Discussion:  British designers have built the Raspberry Pi, which is a credit-card sized, fully-programmable PC that costs only $35.  The miniature circuit board has 256MB of RAM, one audio and two USB ports, an Ethernet port, external SD memory and can be powered by a standard USB mobile phone charger.  Sales of the device crashed its distributors’ websites before it sold out within hours of its launch.  The designers of the Raspberry Pi hope to inspire computer programming in children today by making the PC fully programmable and easily accessible, thus investing in the company’s future.

Source:  CNN News

Date:  March 2, 2012


Discussion Questions: 

  • What implications are there from adding a $35 computer to the technology market?
  • Could the Raspberry Pi replace the typical desktop personal computer?

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