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A model poses next to a MakerBot printer wearing 3D printed glasses.

Discussion:  3D printed sunglasses by MakerBot were the hottest accessory on the Runway at Fashion Week.  The device allows users to download and scan designs which are then “printed” as physical objects.  The MakerBot machine was used at designer Asher Levine’s show, where he stated, “your product is a reflection of the tools you have.”

Source:  CNN Money

Date:  February 15, 2012


Discussion Questions:

  • About ten years ago people figured out how to share music, in the last few years they have started sharing video, and now people can share things with 3D printing (instead of buying them at the store).  What is next?
  • What is one drawback to MakerBot’s “Thingiverse”?

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