A real-time ‘Seaview’ of the Great Barrier Reef

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Discussion:  Scientists have figured out how to broadcast a  real-time feed of the Great Barrier Reef that can be accessed online, with the help of Google’s StreetView.  The project, called the Catlin Seaview Survey, will provide a 360 degree view of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.  A camera will travel from the surface to a depth… Read more »

Computer spyware is newest weapon in Syrian conflict

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Discussion:  In Syria, regime supporters have released computer viruses that are designed to rob information from targeted users and send it to a government-owned server.  The information collected, such as user names, locations, and contact info, is then used by the regime to help fight protestors and activists in the country.  This information is collected… Read more »

3D printed glasses are Fashion Week’s hottest accessory

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A model poses next to a MakerBot printer wearing 3D printed glasses. Discussion:  3D printed sunglasses by MakerBot were the hottest accessory on the Runway at Fashion Week.  The device allows users to download and scan designs which are then “printed” as physical objects.  The MakerBot machine was used at designer Asher Levine’s show, where… Read more »

Why Pinterest is 2012’s hottest website

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Discussion:  Pinterest is a web-based “pinboard” whose unique visitors grew by 400% in the last quarter of 2011.  Pinterest is a visual social network that organizes images by topic and lets users re-share with just one click.  The site helps users catalog their passions, and it drives more visitors to third-party websites than Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn… Read more »

Transplant jaw made by 3D printer claimed as first

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Discussion:  3D printing recently produced its first patient-specific human jaw.  The jaw was made out of titanium powder which was heated and fused together by a laser one layer at a time.  The implant involves articulated joints, cavities to promote muscle attachment and grooves to direct the regrowth of nerves and veins. Source:  BBC News… Read more »

FBI probes Anonymous intercept of US-UK hacking call

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Discussion:  The hacking group, Anonymous, has posted and distributed an audio file obtained illegally of US and UK police forces discussing legal action against hackers.  The group also allegedly took down the Greek justice ministry in protest of the government’s signing of the copyright treaty and its handling of the economic crisis.  The FBI is… Read more »