FBI plans social network map alert mash-up application

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Discussion:  The FBI is designing an application that will combine information from many different social networking sites (such as Twitter and Facebook), highlight areas of interest or security concerns, and overlay them onto a map that could hypothetically show where different threats are located.  The FBI states that this is not an invasion of privacy… Read more »

One-of-a-kind experiences, starting at $15

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Discussion:  In today’s economic crunch, people are seeking unique and cost-friendly vacation ideas.  Web sites like SideTour are compiling and selling many different experiences provided by anyone who has something unique to offer, and who wants to make some extra money.  Then, users of the site can pay for and be personally led on the… Read more »

Really? IBM predicts the end of the digital divide in 5 years

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Discussion:  At their annual conference, IBM predicted that the digital divide, the divide between those who have digital devices and those who do not, would cease to exist in 5 years.  IBM predicts that because of price and increased ease of use, in five years digital devices will be available to everyone.  Many are skeptical… Read more »

Polaroid goes digital with Android camera

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Discussion:  Polaroid is refusing to fade out of the digital camera market.  Polaroid, whose vision is still based upon sharing images and memories, is putting out a new camera that runs on the Android operating system, thus taking media sharing to the next level.  Also, in 2010 Polaroid named Lady Gaga to a creative director… Read more »

Augmented reality apps seek to alter physical world

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Discussion:  Augmented reality is a form of technology that takes virtual objects and layers them atop live camera images.  By mixing the artificial world with the real world, and being able to see the two coexist together, many people’s perceptions of the way things are is beginning to shift.  As this alternate reality begins to… Read more »

FCC scrambles to cope with data avalanche

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Discussion:  The need for space to transmit the growing amount of data on smartphones and other handheld devices is expanding exponentially, and will soon overrun the current capacity.  The FCC is trying to come up with  a solution to help solve this problem, and so far the answer is to capture the staticy space between… Read more »