‘Anonymous’ hackers hit security group

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Discussion:  A hacking group, Anonymous, hit its first mark over the Christmas season.  They acquired user names and account numbers from Stratfor, and Austin-based security company, and donated the stolen funds to charity.  They promised to hack other accounts over the Christmas holidays, with the goal of donating one million dollars to different charities across… Read more »

Your face is being tracked

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Discussion:  Your face is being tracked in many different ways.  This article highlights six interesting and amazing ways that different technologies could be tracking your face.  Facial recognition software allows companies to tailor its advertising to different customers, as well as tracking the clientele that frequent different businesses.  This type of software even purports to be able… Read more »

HP donates WebOS system code to open source developers

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Discussion:  HP announced that it is donating WebOS, its smartphone/tablet operating system, to open source developers.  HP said that they would continue to provide support for WebOS.  What it sounds like, from an observer’s point of view, is that HP could not get a buyer to purchase WebOS for their asking price, so they decided to “donate”… Read more »

Klaus Stadlmann: The world’s smallest 3D printer

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. Discussion:  Klaus Stadlmann has created the world’s smallest 3D printer.  With the use of laser systems that can focus on microscopic points, and a sophisticated positioning system that moves the lasers, Stadlmann is able to produce 3D models.  All that needs to be done from a users perspective is to import a 3D file,… Read more »

Brief glitch let Facebook users see private photos

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Discussion:  A glitch in Facebook, discovered Tuesday, let users view photos marked as ‘private’ even if they weren’t a ‘friend’ of the poster.  The Facebook flaw highlights how easy it is to view, and even mistakenly view, personal information that is posted on Facebook, even if it is supposedly restricted to specific users.  Because of… Read more »

Why mobile payments haven’t gone mainstream

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Discussion:  In early 2011 there was talk that mobile payments would be the next big thing with smartphones.  However, Christmas is almost here and mobile payments are nowhere to be seen.  Besides making charge purchses easier, NFC technology also may allow retailers to collect valuable informaiton about their consumers that could improve sales.  It seems as… Read more »