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More and more objects are getting on the web.

Discussion:  There are many physical objects, or “things”, that are now on the internet with the help of RFID tags (referred to as the “Internet of Things”).  Jeans, or another object that has an RFID tag, could potentially track a person’s every movement and broadcast its location 24 hours a day.  Is this invasion of privacy, or a fantastic innovation?  It may be too early to tell.  One fact is that RFID tags not only make tracking products easier and more efficient, they are going to continue to be used by a variety of different products in lots of different industries.  RFID tags are becoming prevalent throughout, and the costs and benefits need to be examined more closely to avoid widespread violations of personal privacy.

Source:  BBC News

Date:  September 22, 2011


Discussion Questions:

  • How might RFID tags revolutionize the way that advertisers collect market information?
  • Do the benefits of RFID tags outweigh the cost of loss of personal privacy that comes with them?

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