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Discussion:  Dr. Brendan has seen its iPhone repair business boom as Apple’s popularity soars.  Dr. Brendan’s business, which repairs iPhones and other Apple computers and devices, is growing fast and showing no signs of slowing down.  The business is completely unsanctioned by Apple, but that fact has not affected sales thus far.  As Apple continues to grow and expand, the future of Dr. Brendan’s repair business seems stable and profitable, at least until the next inevitable technology shift.

Source:  CNN

Date:  September 15, 2011


Discussion Questions:

  • Is one of the reason’s Dr. Brendan’s business is booming because of the economic downturn?  People do not have as much spendable money, and instead of investing in a new device, they are choosing to try to repair the old one first.  If the economy starts to improve, will his business suffer?
  • What other ancillary industries may arise from the boom in mobile computing?  How do potential entrepreneurs identify such trends early enough to capitalize on them?

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