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Discussion:  Microsoft, and its radically redesigned and re-engineered Windows 8, is trying to reinstate the PC as the computing device of choice.  They contend that what users really want is a “PC on the go” with storage, processing power, and robust content creation tools, instead of just an iPad.  However, their toughest competition is already five months into its second-generation device, and Windows 8 is in the very early stages of its development cycle.  Windows 8 will have a distinct advantage over the iPad purely because there is more software written for Windows, but this may become a moot point as the Web continues to solidify itself as the most-used application on any connected device.

Source:  CNN

Date:  September 14, 2011


Discussion Question:

  • What are some of the benefits of the PC that Windows 8 is trying to monopolize on?
  • What is the tablet effect?

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