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Google is shutting down SuperPoke! Pets -- and the cash users spent on virtual goods has likely flown out the window.

Discussion:  Microsoft has recently cancelled one of its virtual games, SuperPoke! Pets, in which users have invested real time and money.  These fans are now wondering what is going to happen to the money that they have invested in this virtual world, and believe that they have are owed some value for the game that they have been faithfully playing.  Microsoft now has to decide if they want to refund users’ money, give them credits toward other virtual gaming sites, or sever all ties to the game and let people lose their real money in this virtual world. 

Source:  CNN Money

Date:  September 6, 2011


Discussion Questions:

  • Do players of these virtual games who purchase virtual goods actually own something tangible that can be refunded?  Or, is it more analogous to a bar of chocolate that has been purchased and eaten?
  • What is the upside to virtual games and virtual goods?

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