‘iPhone Doc’ rides on Apple’s coattails

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Discussion:  Dr. Brendan has seen its iPhone repair business boom as Apple’s popularity soars.  Dr. Brendan’s business, which repairs iPhones and other Apple computers and devices, is growing fast and showing no signs of slowing down.  The business is completely unsanctioned by Apple, but that fact has not affected sales thus far.  As Apple continues… Read more »

Online gamers crack AIDS enzyme puzzle

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 Discussion:  Players of an online game, Foldit, have channeled their virtual talent into actual talent by unfolding an enzyme that had puzzled scientists for over a decade.  The structure of the specific enzyme that gamers recently unfolded is found in AIDS-like viruses.  Now that the puzzle of the AIDS enzyme is solved, scientists can devise better and… Read more »

A visit to China’s secretive tech giant

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Discussion:  Huawei Technologies has a telecom system that connects a third of the world’s mobile phones and employs more people than either Cisco or Microsoft.  However, the company is  relatively unknown in North America due in large part to a lack of presence.  The company has a young (average age of 28) and dynamic work… Read more »

Can Windows 8 save the PC from extinction?

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Discussion:  Microsoft, and its radically redesigned and re-engineered Windows 8, is trying to reinstate the PC as the computing device of choice.  They contend that what users really want is a “PC on the go” with storage, processing power, and robust content creation tools, instead of just an iPad.  However, their toughest competition is already… Read more »

Smartphone growth in the U.S.: Nothing but blue sky ahead

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Discussion:  Accordig to Asymco’s Horace Dediu, and ComScore’s most recent U.S. smartphone data , smartphone growth is on the rise and shows no signs of stopping.  After studying the graph to the right, it becomes apparent that Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android are squeezing out the competition, and that there is a large market for… Read more »

Why companies are flocking to HTML5

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Discussion:  Apple and Microsoft have dubbed HTML5, the latest version of the Web’s original markup language, the “future of the internet”.  HTML5 is low in cost and flexible, making it extremely popular to users.  HTML5 is also shorthand for a set of features and capabilities intended to make web sites behave more like conventional desktop… Read more »