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Google Gets Spammed

Discussion:  This article lists and summarizes what it considers the “Top 10 Internet Blunders”.  The list includes seemingly trivial blunders, like not including “//” after “http://” in the design of internet addresses, to a Cornell student designing the Internet’s first “worm” virus.  Some of the screw-ups are comical, like the BBC mistaking a cab driver for an IT-expert and putting him in a studio discussion, and some are a little more worrisome.  Regardless of the event, there are lessons to be learned though these past mistakes involving the internet.

Source:  Time

Date:  August 2011


Discussion Questions:  

  • Which “blunder” do you think should be ranked number one?
  • Of these 10 mistakes, how many still need to be remedied today?  Are these “blunders” still issues that we are currently dealing with?

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