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The "Wall of Sheep" displays partially obscured usernames and passwords obtained by DEF CON hackers

Discussion:  Hackers all over the world come to Las Vegas for DEF CON, which is said to be one of the most dangerous places to use a computer.  Attendees pay in cash and do not register with their real names in order to preserve anonymity.  The rules:  don’t use Wi-Fi, don’t use credit cards, don’t use mobile devices, and keep your eyes on your possessions at all times because someone else is, too.  The lesson:  “It’s not about breaking the lock, it’s about learning the lock can be broken.”

Source:  CNN

Date:  August 6, 2011


Discussion Questions:

  • If DEF CON is so dangerous, why is it put on every year?  Why do venues continue to host the event, considering the excessive amounts of risk that attendees could pose to the average citizen?
  • Who sponsors DEF CON?  Who organizes the speakers and coordinates events for the 15,000 attendees?

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