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Discussion:  Big media companies, and their political agendas, may have enough power to influence free speech on the web.  These companies are currently dealing with the issue of whether or not speech involving slander, hatred or violence needs to be controlled.  It is an issue of genuine economic and security concerns on the one hand with civil liberties and free speech on the other.  We need to make sure that as the government and technology evolve they remain focused on serving the people, especially because the relationship between government and citizens is increasingly dependent on digital platforms owned and operated mainly by the private sector.

Source:  CNN

Date:  July 31, 2011


Questions for Discussion:

  • Do companies like Facebook and Google owe citizens any consideration when they make decisions that affect what can or cannot be posted on their websites?
  • If a person posts a controversial comment on a public blog that is hosted by a company or government, does that company/government have the right to censor or surveil this publicly viewable blog?

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