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Trover uses GPS to figure out where you are and show you things other users have thought were interesting.

Discussion:  Instead of merely listing places as the result of a search, new applications will tell you where you want to go–it is targeted search versus exploration.  New “discovery apps” give you place-based tips by recognizing and compiling positive and negative chatter about a place, then using GPS to report to the users about places they may like when they are in the area.  Users can also create their own “troves” by taking and uploading pictures of their own.

Source:  CNN

Date:  July 29, 2011


Questions for Discussion:

  • Is there room for exploitation here?  Can’t vendors/marketers post their destinations on these travel sites and artificially beef up the positive chatter in order attract customers?
  • Is the next step only being able to view “troves” posted by people/places that are “in” your network (for example, Facebook friends)?
  • How do these applications verify the chatter and other data that they collect in order to give a recommendation?

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