Market research enters the subconscious

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Market research enters the subconscious Discussion:  Automatic emotion recognition software is changing the way market research is conducted by linking a person’s face to their feelings.  The software analyzes what a consumer actually feels based on their subconscious facial response.  This has proven to be a much more reliable source of information, as opposed to… Read more »

HP kills TouchPad, looks to exit PC business

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Discussion:  Last week HP announced that it would no longer support its TouchPad, among other things, which had only been on the market for three weeks.  It also announced that it was going to buy British software developer Autonomy.  HP states that it is trying to transition into faster-growing, more profitable businesses like software, servers and corporate… Read more »

Top 10 Internet Blunders

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Discussion:  This article lists and summarizes what it considers the “Top 10 Internet Blunders”.  The list includes seemingly trivial blunders, like not including “//” after “http://” in the design of internet addresses, to a Cornell student designing the Internet’s first “worm” virus.  Some of the screw-ups are comical, like the BBC mistaking a cab driver for… Read more »

When to pull the plug on old software

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Discussion:  Technology changes so fast and so often that sometimes it may seem as if software, for example, is outdated as soon as it is implemented.  Software companies need to find a balance between accommodating old software in new updates, and considering the old software obsolete.  If software companies choose to make new software and updates compatible… Read more »

Ex-CIA official sounds alarm about hackers’ next targets

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Discussion:  The former director of the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center, Cofer Black, stated that hackers, who may have started as pranksters, will tamper with the technology that runs real-world infrastructure.  This could ultimately impair National Security.  Black also noted that the act of hacking has moved “into physical destruction of a natural resource.”  At the conclusion… Read more »

New wave of location-based apps mark a ‘paradigm shift’

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Discussion:  Instead of merely listing places as the result of a search, new applications will tell you where you want to go–it is targeted search versus exploration.  New “discovery apps” give you place-based tips by recognizing and compiling positive and negative chatter about a place, then using GPS to report to the users about places… Read more »

Our Web freedom at the mercy of tech giants

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Discussion:  Big media companies, and their political agendas, may have enough power to influence free speech on the web.  These companies are currently dealing with the issue of whether or not speech involving slander, hatred or violence needs to be controlled.  It is an issue of genuine economic and security concerns on the one hand with… Read more »