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Discussion:  Digital Rights Management (or DRM) is a term used for the access controls over digital content and devices.  Cory Doctorow, a highly respected personality in the technical world, believes that DRM is not successful as it is and is not beneficial to the business world.  He states that there is unfair copyright restrictions in the digital world, and that there is no right kind of technology to prevent the copying of material.  His final point is that any business that has built its business model around the amount of copying material going down is going to fail because computers are not getting worse; and copying material will never decrease.

Source:  BBC News

Date:  March 13, 2011


Questions For Discussion:

  •  If companies and artists decide to share their work without putting restrictions on who can access the data, how can they make up for lost revenue?
  • Mr. Doctorow stated that “It is hard to monetize fame, but it is impossible to monetize obscurity”.  At what point does the obscure become relevant?  Is this the point at which artists should begin to capitalize on their fame?



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