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Tablet time: Businesses turn to consumer gadgets

Discussion:  The tablet, originally marketed as a consumer device, is quickly finding its place in the business world.  By downloading a specific app, the tablet turns into a cash register that not only reduces costs (new cash registers are far more expensive than tablets), but also increases the mobility and efficiency of the store clerk.  With the tablet, small businesses have constant access to customer and sales information, with the use of cloud computing, which allows them a similar set of functions and technology as big business.  The tablet cannot hold cash, but it can collect electronic payments, making it very efficient and versatile.

Source:  BBC News

Date:  March 20, 2011


Questions for Discussion:

  • What are some other applications where Tablet technology my benefit an industry?
  • Tablets could replace textbooks, among other things.  How do authors/artists prevent users from copying and distributing their work without permission, especially as Tablets become more and more pervasive?

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