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How Microtask's Digitalkoot game helps weed mistakes out of the Finnish National Library's e-archives

Discussion: In Finland, Microtask has designed a game called Digitalkoot (digital volunteers) that combines gamification (the use of game-play mechanics for practical applications) and crowdsourcing (applying a competitive game-like setting to any non-game business model to create loyalty, increase value of the client or generate new ideas) in order to convert old information into e-archives.  In order to earn points and move up levels, players verify information that has been input by an optical character recognition system, thus ensuring the accuracy of the archives.  The use of crowd power and gamification in order to complete these trivial, web-based tasks can cut costs, and may be a new trend in business innovation, employee performance, marketing, training, health and social change.

Source: BBC News

Date: June 20, 2011


Question for discussion:

*Gamification may be prudent and practical for converting archives into digital form, but could it also be used in higher level education settings?  In government?

*Does the use of Gamification reduce ones need for critical thinking and problem solving skills?  As users “play”, are they actually learning?

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