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The App Store is turning into a proving ground for Saturday morning cartoons, which means the screeching cat and his friends could soon be on a TV, cereal box and onesie near you.

Discussion:  Outfit7, creater of smartphone app Talking Tom (among others), is working to capitalize on their digital feline by expanding the presence of the cat to Saturday morning cartoons, t-shirts, and other merchandise.  Following the example of Angry Birds, Outfit7 is trying to take the millions of people that have downloaded their app and pursuade them to purchase tangible goods depicting the same lovable characters (thus making the digital an incubator of the analog, instead of vice versa).  Where Outfit7 thinks it has an edge is through the emotional connection that their users make with the characters.

Source:  CNN News

Date:  May 25, 2011


Questions for discussion:

 *Is the alleged emotional connection that consumers have to the digital animal applications enough for Outfit7 to make a profit on their new, highly differentiated merchandise?

*If Outfit7 does succeed in pushing its digital characters onto consumers and they become a new “fad”, how might this impact the marketing strategies of other companys in the future?

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