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No computer is perfect, but is the cloud more reliable and secure than traditional on-site computing?

Discussion: On the heels of two IT disasters at Amazon and Sony, analysts caution businesses to rethink their cloud strategy.  While cloud computing offers the advantages of both cost savings and ease of integrating diverse systems, every cloud service requires a different risk assessment.  Parallel infrastructures, multiple cloud service providers, or a hybrid cloud where the data is shared and synced between the cloud and a company’s own servers are ways to sustain an otherwise crippling outage.  So it’s back to IT basics: be sure to have a contingency plan when operating in the cloud.

Source: BBC News

Date: May 19, 2011


Questions for discussion:

  • What can consumers do to help keep their online accounts safe?
  • Is this a problem with cloud technology or is it a cyber security issue?

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