Explaining the Internet’s new domain endings

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Discussion: ICANN, which stands for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, is the nonprofit group that assigns addresses to Internet service providers.  They have recently announced that they will now be taking applications so that private companies and governments can purchase their own domain endings.  Right now there are only 22 domains, including… Read more »

Gamification time: What if everything were just a game?

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Discussion: In Finland, Microtask has designed a game called Digitalkoot (digital volunteers) that combines gamification (the use of game-play mechanics for practical applications) and crowdsourcing (applying a competitive game-like setting to any non-game business model to create loyalty, increase value of the client or generate new ideas) in order to convert old information into e-archives…. Read more »

Starting a revolution with technology

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Discussion:  In early 2011 civil unrest in Egypt and the middle east let to political demonstrations that the Egyptian government believed threatening enough to the well being of the country that they shut down the World Wide Web in hopes of diminishing lines of communication between groups of protesters.  OpenMesh, an ad hoc wireless mesh network of individual… Read more »

Talking Tom is rich: Outfit7 wants to turn smartphone characters into Saturday cartoons

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Discussion:  Outfit7, creater of smartphone app Talking Tom (among others), is working to capitalize on their digital feline by expanding the presence of the cat to Saturday morning cartoons, t-shirts, and other merchandise.  Following the example of Angry Birds, Outfit7 is trying to take the millions of people that have downloaded their app and pursuade them to… Read more »

BYOA: Can anyone build their own business app?

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Discussion:  With the development of flexible platforms, individuals now have the capability to customize applications for their specific business purposes.  This is more efficient because users do not have to try to make their business processes fit into a generic application, instead they can build an application around their business.  In the IT field, there… Read more »

Google to show off mobile wallet for Android phones

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Discussion: Google is introducing a mobile payment platform that will turn its Android smartphone into a digital wallet.  Thanks to NFC (near field communication) technology, consumers can wave their phones in front of a reader at a checkout to purchase items or receive special offers.  The simplicity and convenience of this new e-wallet means less… Read more »

Africa’s business technology revolution gathers pace

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Discussion: African economies are known for commodities like oil and gas, but a tech revolution is gathering speed and helping to change lives across the continent.  From fighting fake medicines to developing cutting edge telescopes, a new generation of innovators is putting Africa on the technology world map. Source: BBC News Date: May 23, 2011… Read more »

Video and mobile are breaking the Internet

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Discussion: Cisco’s annual report on the Internet forecasts some staggering statistics: Internet usage growth between 2014 and 2015 alone will be equal to all Internet traffic recorded worldwide last year, and most of it will be mobile.  In 2010, mobile traffic alone was three times the size of the entire Internet in 2000.  Cisco predicts… Read more »

Cloud computing after Amazon and Sony: ready for primetime?

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Discussion: On the heels of two IT disasters at Amazon and Sony, analysts caution businesses to rethink their cloud strategy.  While cloud computing offers the advantages of both cost savings and ease of integrating diverse systems, every cloud service requires a different risk assessment.  Parallel infrastructures, multiple cloud service providers, or a hybrid cloud where… Read more »