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A shopper emerges from Apple's flagship store in New York City with an iPhone 4

Discussion: Ten years ago, analysts thought Apple was crazy to get into the retailing business.  But over 300 stores later, Apple has definitely proven their risky model a success.  In fiscal year 2010, 13% of Apple’s total sales, roughly $3.2 billion, came from the stylized and shiny stores, including their flagship 32-foot glass cube New York City store, open 24 hours a day.  And while some critics argue that Apple stores are a sterile, angst-filled environment, others see “Apple fever” only getting bigger, especially with the emerging markets of China, India, and Brazil.

Source: CNN Tech

Date: May 18, 2011


Questions for discussion:

  • What was Jobs’ vision for the Apple retail store and do you think he’s succeeded in that vision?
  • Will the success of Apple continue without Jobs, aka the “brand dictator,” at the helm?

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