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Discussion: Amazon’s cloud services recently suffered a massive crash that left many of its East Coast customers without access to their data, including dozens of websites.  The company cited a mistake made by engineers that triggered a cascade of other bugs and glitches, overwhelming the master system and causing a “brown out.”  Amazon spun the mistake as an “opportunity to protect the service against any similar event reoccurring” and gave a credit for 10 days of free service to affected customers.  But Amazon’s cloud customers weren’t too thrilled to be guinea pigs in this cloud-crash learning experience.

Amazon's cloud service, EC2, suffered a technical perfect storm.


Date: April 29, 2011


Questions for discussion:

  • Is Amazon’s “glitch” further evidence of just how vulnerable electronic data is or, in the whole scheme of things, is this simply par for the course in cloud computing?
  • Discuss Amazon’s strategy to issue not only an apology but also a detailed 5,700-word explanation of what went wrong.


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