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How Conan accidentally fought his way back into bedrooms (and computers, smartphones, and tablets) across America.

Discussion: How does a self-proclaimed computer Luddite go from host of The Tonight Show to unemployed to a sold-out national comedy tour?  The power of social media transformed Conan O’Brien’s career from a late night television host with no show to an improv sensation on stages across the country.  And the numbers are impressive: Conan, aka Coco, has 1.1 million “friends” on his original fan-generated Facebook page and he holds the single-day record for gathering followers on Twitter.  Not bad for a Luddite.

Source: Fortune

Date: February 10, 2011


Questions for discussion:

  • Do you think Conan’s social media transformation would have happened without the initial efforts of a fan’s “I’m with Coco” Facebook page and Twitter account?  Why or why not?
  • Discuss the brilliant use of the Twitter “hashtag” and how it allowed Conan to engage his audience in an entirely different way than ever before.

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