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Discussion: Vint Cerf, who helped design the architecture that the Internet is built on, is now the chief evangelist at Google.  In an interview with CNN, Cerf describes the Internet as a “giant tent, under which you can do almost anything you can imagine and program.”  Cerf praises the Egyptian people for using the Internet to express themselves in a way that had a big impact, but adds that in an open Internet environment, you don’t have to stir a revolution to have an effect.  And the topic that excites Cerf the most?  Internet interplanetary service, a project he has been working on with NASA since 1998.


Date: February 25, 2011


Questions for discussion:

  • What are the cultural and diplomatic implications of an Internet interplanetary service?
  • Discuss Cerf’s comment that Google must try to serve China just as hard as they try to serve other markets.

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