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Internet police are coming… and they’re not wearing badges

Discussion: A recent report by the European Digital Rights (EDR) group warns that nations are slowly turning ISPs into “off-duty information cops.”  Eager to appease politicians in order to achieve their own goals, networks are cooperating with governments looking for easy, informal solutions to difficult problems like copyright infringement, dangerous speech, and child pornography.  But the EDR warns that the end result of this blacklisting fervor is that legitimate content is censored and consumers, not the networks, are the ones being policed.


Date: February 13, 2011


Questions for discussion:

  • Discuss the bogus takedown request of the Dekker text and whether or not ISPs should have the authority to delete content.
  • EDR reports that the British government is happy with a system where it can show activity in this important policy area without having to devote significant resources to the problem.  Does a reduction in government  spending outweigh the rule of law and fundamental rights of the digital environment?

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