How Word of Mubarak’s Resignation Spread on Social Media

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ShareThis tracked hour-by-hour sharing via e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook on February 11, 2001, the day Egypt’s Hosni Mubarek was tossed from power. Source: Date: February 18, 2011 Link:

Apple Moves In on Your Wallet

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Discussion: The genius of Apple – taking existing ideas and refining them – continues with NFC (Near-Field Communication), a microchip that can send and receive data across a very short distance.  Industry speculators believe Apple has plans to take this technology, which has been around for several years, and roll out “iCash.”  Instead of swiping… Read more »

RFID: Radio tags set to combat the counterfeiters

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Discussion: The size of a grain a salt and costing about nine cents, radio frequency identity (RFID) chips are set to combat counterfeiters worldwide.  Although the technology has been around for years, only recently have the chips become small enough and affordable enough to put in paper labels, embed in packaging, or encase in glass… Read more »

The Real Internet Censors: Unaccountable ISPs?

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Discussion: A recent report by the European Digital Rights (EDR) group warns that nations are slowly turning ISPs into “off-duty information cops.”  Eager to appease politicians in order to achieve their own goals, networks are cooperating with governments looking for easy, informal solutions to difficult problems like copyright infringement, dangerous speech, and child pornography.  But… Read more »

Will shoppers be enticed by new ways of paying?

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Discussion: The Future Store, a supermarket near Düsseldorf, Germany, aims to discover profitable links between technology and shopping habits.  Thanks to Near Field Communication (NFC) chips in their smart phones, shoppers will soon be able to scan the barcodes of items as they pick them off the shelves and a final barcode will be generated… Read more »

Could the U.S. shut down the Internet?

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Discussion: Internet experts say no, shutting down the entire U.S. Internet would be pretty much impossible.  Both the technical infrastructure and the legal framework within the U.S. would prevent the government from fully clamping down on the country’s thousands of Internet providers.  And shutting down the global Internet would be even a bigger, unlikely feat. … Read more »

BYOC: Should employees buy their own computers?

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Discussion: Struggling to keep up with ever-changing technology and the cost of IT provisioning, companies are adopting the “bring your own computer” (BYOC) policy.   Not only do employees have the freedom to choose their own devices, they also have the freedom to access their office desktop remotely.  Both Microsoft and Intel subsidize hardware, while Citrix… Read more »

Where High Speed Internet Meets Smart Grid

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Discussion: EPB, a Chatanooga, Tennessee, utility company, hit two milestones in the last two weeks of 2010: It completed the final touches on one of the fastest Internet pipelines in the world (200 times faster than the average U.S. download speed), and it activated the first automated switches on its electricity network (which is expected… Read more »

Map of the Day: Scientific Collaboration Around the World

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Discussion: Impressed with the Facebook map made by intern Paul Butler depicting friendships connecting users across the world, research analyst Olivier Beauchesne at Science-Metrix created a similar map showing scientific collaborations around the globe. Source: Date: January 27, 2011 Link: