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Discussion: Akamai, a company that provides Internet statistics on broadband speed and mobile connectivity, recently released the quarterly “State of the Internet” report.  Of the 100 global cities with the fastest average broadband connections, South Korea and Japan collectively boast the top 45, while the United States has just 13 cities in the top 100 and most are in the bottom 20 percent (save San Jose, California, the fastest city in the U.S.).  The country with the fastest average broadband speed is South Korea at the rate of 14Mbps, and the U.S., tied for ninth with Taiwan and Denmark, has an average speed of 5.0Mbps.  The one area where the U.S. does top the charts?  Cyber attacks.  Of the 209 countries that originate attack traffic, the U.S. ranks number one with 12%.


Date: January 24, 2011


Questions for discussion:

  • Globally, by what percentage has average connection speed improved over the past year?
  • Which country ranks high in both cyber and mobile attack traffic?
  • What does Akamai cite as the cause for the U.S.’s 11% increase in Internet speed over the past year?

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